The purpose of the YVHS Music Boosters is “To lend all support, both moral and financial to the Yucca Valley High School music program, and, to cooperate with the Director of Music to the end that that Music Department be brought to and kept at the highest possible degree of efficiency and success.”

Our Boosters are a non-profit group that work to provide our music students with the best high school music experience possible. This group is a fantastic way for you to be a hands-on member of your child’s educational team.

One of the major things our Booster group does is fundraise for the music program; however, they do other things too.  Do you want to connect with your student? Be a Music Booster.  Do you want to support an activity your student enjoys and is passionate about?  Be a Music Booster.  Whether or not your your son or daughter says it out loud, being present and involved will send a powerful message to them!  It is your most important contribution to their musical, emotional and educational success.  There is no substitute for this precious and priceless gift!  Be a Music Booster!

We Work for the Music Students

The YVHS Music Boosters are a non-profit organization that serve the YVHS Music Department in three ways:

  • In Public: We communicate the successes and quality of our outstanding Music Program to our community.
  • Financially: We ensure the success of the Music Program by keeping it financially stable. We plan and organize fundraisers, concerts, and sponsorships to guarantee present and future success.
  • Physically: We serve as volunteers whenever and wherever we are needed. The list of things we do to support the program is extensive…and everything we do is crucial to the overall success of the Music Program.

Whatever expertise you bring to the table can be employed and appreciated by the Music Boosters.  If you have a background in any of the following areas, you can be a valuable asset to our team!

Accounting – Business – Carpentry – Catering – Communication – Construction – Design – Driving – Education – Electrical – Engineering – Events Planning – Insurance – Inventory – Law – Management – Marketing – Music – Photography – Programming – Publicity – Public Relations – Repair – Retail – Sales – Secretarial – Sewing – Technology – Warehousing – Web Design – Welding – Writing

What Is Required?

The policy of the Morongo Unified School District is that any adult who is around children must be tested for TB, fingerprinted, and background checked prior to volunteering their services.  Contact Mr. Barrett to obtain the paperwork and to review your paperwork before completing the process.  The MUSD also has policies and procedures in place to reimburse volunteers after they have completed 20 hours of volunteer work.

Booster Meetings

Find out what’s going on by showing up at a Booster Meeting! Meetings are held monthly in the YVHS Staff Lounge (dates and times are posted on the Music Department Calendar).  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend to receive important information about our music program!